Monthly Archives: January 2009

Time Out Chicago

An illustration I did this past weekend for Time Out Chicago, for an article about how, due to the economy, women are cutting back on “maintenance” expenses such as waxing, spa treatments and massages. I had a lot of fun doing this- its always fun drawing hairy, zitty girls.



Locker Room


Another piece for the series on camp I am working on.

This was about being at camp after hours in the locker room, with my 2 cousins and fighting over a tiny box of cereal.

Society of Illustrators LA

I recently found out that a piece I submitted to the Society of Illustrators LA was accepted for their 47 West Show and will be displayed on their website. 

Here is the piece that was accepted. It was originally for a group show I was in in Canada; the theme of the show was “Old School”. I did my piece about being in elementary school and how every time we would go to the library, we would all fight over these whistle shaped seats.


Pen Portrait


Portrait commission in ball point pen.

Based on a True Story



Trying to work on some sequential art and also using the computer to color.

Pool Time


Here is a quick photo of a piece I just finished for a series I’ve been working on where I am putting freaky masks on regular family photos. It steamed from this video I watched a while ago of my youngest sister dancing around when she was about 3 or 4, wearing the creepiest old man mask ever. I really like the juxtaposition of something regular and cute with something super creepy.

This piece is gouache and oil on a wood panel.



A new piece I did for a series I’m working on about being at my grandparent’s day camp, after all the other kids had gone home.  It was kind of creepy but also pretty sweet getting all the orange drink and ice cream cups we wanted.

This piece is pretty big, bigger than what I normally draw. It’s about 22 in. long and 10 in. high.