Monthly Archives: February 2009

Goodbye Death

I did this piece today, based on an article from the NY Times about how many states are thinking of abolishing the death penalty in order to save money. Apparently, it costs a lot more to prosecute a death penalty case and the amount of appeals is so high that the verdicts usually get overturned anyway. Because of this, it makes more fiscal sense to keep the criminals in prison for life.



This is a gift for my grandmother’s upcoming birthday. It’s not the most exciting subject matter but I figured it was good practice for when I am older and painting landscape scenes by my house at the beach.

EYE Weekly

I just finished up a piece for the Canadian weekly paper, EYE. The article is about how more people are working “gig” jobs (aka freelancers), rather than typical 9-5’s. The concept from the AD was pretty straight forward, just a hip guy in his 20-30’s, doing work at a coffee shop. I never quite understood why people preferred doing work at a coffee shop rather than their own home, since being able to work comfortably at home is one of the reasons I enjoy freelancing.

When I finished the final art and scanned it, I realized I had made it about 2 in. too wide. It’s a lot easier to crop work rather than it being too short but it still makes me kick myself.




This drawing is pretty big, about 30″x 23″.

Gouache on paper


Hat Heads

For the past 2 weeks I worked at Barneys painting hat heads for 2 new Co-Op stores.(Hat heads are mannequins for hats and sassy hair accessories). It was a lot of fun because we could basically do whatever we wanted, which gave me a chance to try out some different styles of painting.
richiefront  richieside





sidetealskull  tealskullback


sailorfront  gypsyfront

peacockside   knifeside

L Magazine (Not to be confused with Elle)

This is an illustration I did last week for what was supposed to be the cover of the L’s Love/Valentine’s Day issue (hence the large, empty margins and dead space in front). Due to some inter-departmental issues, it was not used. But I guess at least I got a lot of practice in using the computer to color.