Monthly Archives: March 2009


Last week I did a piece for Chronogram Magazine. It was for a fictional story about a young woman who kills her fanatical mother in order to gain some stability and love in her life. The girl does the deed with a frying pan and buries her in the garden she shares with her new fiance. A crop of forget-me-nots grows where the body is buried and no one is ever the wiser. The editor wanted to stay away from alluding to the mother’s death; instead, he just wanted to use the most prominent symbolism, being the flowers and frying pan, in order to keep the piece simple and abstract.

Update: I was asked to do some handwritten text for the title of the story. I did a few different sets and I’m not sure which one they went with, but here is one of them with the illustration.



A new piece I did during yesterday’s amazing spring time weather.

Sandy Bebe

A new drawing for my series on camp. About 8 in x 15 in.


Lately I have been trying to do more digital coloring with my scanned line drawings. I can get very frustrated by the computer but I think this piece I did yesterday turned out closer to what I have been trying to achieve. It’s still pretty basic but I think it’s a good start for more complex coloring techniques.

Summer is Coming

Summer is (hopefully) just around the corner. Time to go swimming!

Hat Head

I got the opportunity to paint another hat head for Barneys this week. I decided to give the Luke Wilson “Royal Tenenbaums” head a companion, so I painted Gwyneth Paltrow’s character from the movie.


This is a piece for a benefit auction for a place in Connecticut that gives people with mental illness the opportunity to work, go to school and have somewhere to live. I was able to do anything I wanted, which sometimes can be more difficult than if there is a theme or guidelines. I decided to do a piece of my hedgehog Chipper and play around with mark making. The piece ended up being more decorative and “abstract” than what I am used to doing, but I think it will be good for the show since it’s not serious and more just something fun to look at.