Monthly Archives: April 2009

Fox Chase

Another piece for my camp series, that goes along with the sculptural pieces of the fox and girl I posted recently.
Gouache on paper, 9×11

Foxy Girl

These pieces (they are actually separate) are a bit more sculptural than my regular drawings and paintings. They are made of collaged pieces and cut out, so that they can hang on the wall individually. The fox is about 3.5 feet long and the girl is about 2 feet high. I think I am going to add 2 more girls, as part of my camp series.




Heeb Mag

This piece was for Heeb Magazine’s music issue that came out recently. The concept was to show white power bands becoming more mainstream. The AD came up with the idea to show a skinhead band winning a Grammy, which I thought was pretty funny and weird.
This piece was a lot of fun- thanks Yasha!

Quick scan from the mag


A story based on Cody’s friend’s childhood memory.


Sassy Legs

Earlier this week the AD from Barneys asked a few of the freelancers to do some illustrations of women’s legs that could be put in a hosiery display, kind of a place holder until they get the actual hosiery. It was a pretty sweet assignment since there were no real guidelines and it could be purely decorative. So here are the drawings I did. I tried to stay within kind of an Art Deco/ 1950’s advertising feel since Barneys is old tyme and very classy.






Running Gold!

Here is a piece I did yesterday for Traders of Stocks and Commodities. It was for an article about gold possibly losing it’s luster in the current economic climate.
Thanks Christine!

Dog Portraits

Here are some collage dog portraits I did this past week for a commission. I really enjoyed doing these and I think I am going to try to do more collage work soon.