Monthly Archives: August 2009

I received a copy of the Fall issue of Buddhadharma the other day and here are a few of layouts and spreads that some of my illustrations were used in.




Wild Things

This week at Barneys, Colleen and I created faces for these furry creatures and I thought they turned out hilarious.
Thanks for the pics Alison!



Dog Days

Dog portrait commission from this week.

Interesting side note-
When I went to mail this out this morning, a guy came into the post office and was screaming at the postal workers about not getting his package. He was pounding on the protective plexiglass shield and totally freaking out. Totes scary but kind of exciting to watch, though I didn’t stay long enough to see how it ended.

Couch Surfing

A piece I did Monday for Willamette Week, for an article about a huge couch surfing network. Basically, it’s people opening up their couches, so that travellers don’t have to spend money on a hotel room or hostel. (I would make sure to have a lot of Febreeze on hand.)
Thanks Tom!

Karate Clothes

Some little sketches-