Monthly Archives: September 2009

The Stranger

The Art Director over at The Stranger contacted me the other day and asked if they could use this piece I did a while ago for a group show for their back to school issue cover. So excited! Thanks Aaron!
Check it out here –



Racist Bike

A piece I did this past weekend for Portland Mercury. It was for an article about a black cyclist who was pulled over by a white cop, for unknown reasons. The article suggests it was most likely fueled by racist motivations.
After a hiatus due to traveling, moving and working at Barneys, it felt good to finally be able to sit down and do some illustration work in my new studio!


Thanks Justin!


A portrait I did yesterday for Buddhadharma Magazine, of Judy Roitman.
As always, thanks Seth!


A while ago, I posted some sketches I did for Barneys of a couple hosiery display illustrations. The art and creative directors reworked the concept to make it super simple and to use the same colors that are found in the cosmetic displays. Here is the final product. The illustrations will be in the hosiery displays in all the flagship stores, which is pretty exciting.
I think I’m installing these in the displays next week at the Madison store, so I will post a pic of the final product in action!


Thanks Megan for being my leg model!


A piece I did for an upcoming group show at Uppercase Gallery in Canada.
The theme was “Bonfire”. I was thinking about sitting around fires when I was younger, up at Lake George when I made this. And coincidentally, we are going up there this weekend!