Monthly Archives: November 2009

Lazy Thanksgiving

This past weekend I did an illustration for Willamette Week for an article about places people can go on Thanksgiving if they don’t feel like cooking. The AD let me pretty much do whatever I wanted, as long as I got across the idea that the Thanksgiving meal was being eaten somewhere besides home. I thought it would be funny to transpose Norman Rockwell’s classic painting “Freedom From Want”, into a late night diner, complete with a pimply busser and sassy old waitress named “Dot”.
Thanks Ben!


Debbie Downer!

So for the past 2 months I have been working on the Barneys Christmas windows. The theme this year was “Saturday Night Live” celebrating it’s 35th anniversary. I was given the supremely fun task of painting 12 giant SNL character “ornaments”. I don’t have all the photos yet to post but I was online today and saw a photo from last night’s unveiling party that many of the current stars attended. I was very excited when I saw one of my favorite SNLers, Rachel Dratch, posing in front of the Debbie Downer ornament I painted!

Debbie Downer was built by my good friend Colleen!

First Thoughts for Real

I received an issue of the latest Buddhadharma in the mail this weekend. Here are my some quick scans of my First Thoughts illustrations in action!
Thanks Seth.




Douglas Hofstader

An illustration I did last week for Portland Monthly, for an article on Douglas Hofstader. Hofstader is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author for a book on self-referencing and the nature of consciousness titled Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid. He believes that humans become so entwined emotionally with one another that parts of us are copied into our loved one’s brains after we have perished.

Thanks Hector!


Last week, the former art director of The Walrus contacted me about participating in a group show in Germany called 100 € SHOW . The concept of the show is for each artist to submit 5 pieces of artwork that they have laying around, such as sketches and quick pieces, rather than making new work. These are the 5 works that I chose. Some are recent and some are from a while ago.
Thanks Antonio!