Monthly Archives: December 2009

Honolulu Magazine

Here are some really fun spots I got to do for Honolulu Magazine, for an article on local chefs and their favorite ingredients.

Caraway Seeds

Hoisin Sauce

Miso Paste


Red Curry




Thanks Kristin!



A ball point pen portrait from this past week.


A piece I did this past week for Bust Magazine. It was for an article about dulas being used during abortions. Dulas are women that typically support and coach women before and during labor but there is a new movement starting in NYC where dulas would be used during the often emotional and difficult experience of abortion.

Thanks Erin!

Portland Mercury

Here is an illo I did this past week for Portland Mercury. It was for a piece about a journalist who shadows a cop for a night, in one of Portland’s seedier neighborhoods and documents all the crazy/sad/weird things he sees.

Thanks Justin!


What could this cat possibly be searching for on the internet?

Perhaps he’s at HANDSOME PORTRAITS getting portraits done for his best kitty friends!

Portrait Website!!

Finally finished up my brand new portrait website, just in time for the holidays!

Handsome Portraits
Handsome Portraits
Handsome Portraits
Handsome Portraits

Thanks to Cody for designing the site!!

X-Mas Windows

Here are some photos of the Barneys SNL X-Mas windows that I worked on. I will eventually put up the ornaments that I painted individually, but for now here they are all together.
My fellow freelancers and friends Alison Corrie and Colleen Rochette built all the head/ornaments out of bubble wrap, masking tape and paper mache. I then got to paint a good portion of the characters, which was really fun. It was especially exciting in the end to see them all hung together in the finished window.

Photos courtesy of Rick Barros.