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A birthday card I made today.


Stocks and Aurelius Battaglia

I did this piece for Traders of Stocks and Commodities the other day, for an article on the 4% indicator (I don’t quite know what it means either). I have been in kind of a stylistic rut lately and I needed to give myself a push beyond what I am used to doing process wise. Recently, I have been very inspired by the work of Aurelius Battaglia, a mid- century illustrator. I tried out some new ideas in the vein of Battaglia and I am really happy with the result.

Thanks Christine!

Bust Illo

Just got the newest issue of Bust Magazine that has the illustration I did for them a while back. The article was on doulas supporting young women during abortions.

Barneys X-Mas Windows!

Here are the Saturday Night Live “ornaments” I painted this past holiday season for the Barneys’ X-Mas windows. This project was so much fun and painting large, 3-D pieces really helped me get outside my comfort zone.
These were built by my good friends and fellow freelancers Colleen Rochette and Alison Corrie. Thanks to these ladies for bringing me in on the project!
(All measurements are width x height)

“Coffee Talk with Linda Richman” (Mike Myers)
2.3′ x 5′

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Vegetarian Times

An illustration I did last week for Vegetarian Times. It was for a short article on endangered vegetables and the need to keep them from going extinct. I thought it was interesting how the author likened the veggies to endangered animals, and so used that metaphor in the illustration to stress the importance of keeping vintage strains of vegetables safe.

Thanks Scott!

Cat Zine!

This is a zine that I made, with a little help from Cody. It’s all about our cats Ham and Dexter! I used concentrated watercolor pigment on plain white computer paper to make the drawings and was really happy with the texture that was created using this process. Check out the whole thing using the “Read More” link below!
Thanks to Cody for laying it out for me!
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Cat Portrait

A collage cut paper portrait I did last week for two precious kitties.

Thanks Kara!