Barneys X-Mas Windows!

Here are the Saturday Night Live “ornaments” I painted this past holiday season for the Barneys’ X-Mas windows. This project was so much fun and painting large, 3-D pieces really helped me get outside my comfort zone.
These were built by my good friends and fellow freelancers Colleen Rochette and Alison Corrie. Thanks to these ladies for bringing me in on the project!
(All measurements are width x height)

“Coffee Talk with Linda Richman” (Mike Myers)
2.3′ x 5′

“Roseanne Rosannadanna” (Gilda Radner)
8.25′ x 5.6′

“Church Lady” (Dana Carvey)
2.3′ x 4′

“Debbie Downer” (Rachel Dratch)
3.1′ x 4′

“Pat” (Julia Sweeney)
2.9′ x 5′

“Donatella Versace” (Maya Rudolph)
1.5′ x 5.6′

“Matt Foley” (Chris Farley)
4.3′ x 6′

“Guido Sarducci” (Don Novello)
4.6′ x 5.4′

“Mango” (Chris Kattan)
4′ x 5′

“Wayne” (Mike Myers)
1.5′ x 3′

“Garth” (Dana Carvey)
2′ x 3.8′

“Killer Bee” (John Belushi)
7′ x 5′


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