Monthly Archives: June 2010


Here are 2 pieces I did recently for an upcoming issue of Buddhadharma. The portrait is of the author of their “Journeys” section. The other illo was for their feature article on the monk Ribur Rinpoche and the author’s account of meeting him at a retreat.
As always, thanks Seth!


Dad Things

I made this for a Father’s Day card this past weekend.
Things Dads like!

Traders of Stocks

I did this piece a while ago for Christine over at Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities. The article was pretty technical (hence the title of the publication) so Christine was kind enough to give me the basic concept for the piece- a group of various traders in a club like setting, with subtle hints to the chart that accompanied the article as well (the colored lights in the background mimic the lines of the chart).
As always, thanks Christine!

Pet Pins

I’ve started painting some porcelain pet pins that I will sell on my portrait site and hopefully other places as well. Here is the first batch. I am going to add a few more layers of high gloss finish and also set them in brass backings. They measure about 1.5″x1.16″.