Monthly Archives: August 2010

Mimi Vang Olsen

I was looking at Fanny B.’s blog this morning and was so excited to see her post on cat portraits by Mimi Vang Olsen. Last summer I was wandering around the West Village and stumbled upon her pet painting studio/store front. How amazing is it to have almost an entire business dedicated to painting cats?!? (She paints dogs as well). I can only hope that one day I can follow in her foot steps.
I love the refined folkiness of her paintings, as well as her use of patterns and decorative elements. Overall, just sooooo good.


Barneys Santa Monica

The other day I received a very nice email from Sophie Lee out in Santa Monica, CA. She had been shopping at the new Barneys store there, saw my hat heads displayed and was kind enough to take some pictures and send them to me. It’s always great to see the heads in action!
Thanks Sophie!

Stranger Portrait

A portrait I did this past weekend for “The Stranger”, to accompany a review of Dennis Cooper’s new book “Smothered in Hugs”. The AD wanted me to hint at the fact that Cooper’s previous writings had been ultra violent, which he likened to the “work” of G.G. Allin. His new book however, is more of a compilation of non-fiction articles, stories and celebrity interviews that the reviewer preferred much more than the gory fiction he was familiar with.
Thanks Aaron!

Side Bar

I love looking at the marks I make on the sides of my pieces where I wipe off my brush, test line weights, doodle etc. It’s like a whole other piece of subconscious work.

Jersey Shore Jewelry

A few months ago my friend Leah Mulartrick, an awesome jewelry designer, asked me to collaborate with her on a fun project- Jersey Shore Jewelry. How I could say no? We combined our efforts- I painted the portraits and she assembled the jewelry and the outcome are some lovely, gaudy, Snookie-inspired pieces. I particularly love the gold chains on the necklaces (the ones without chains are pins) and I could definitely see The Situation wearing a necklace or pin of himself. Maybe one day these will be sold at the Seaside Heights Boardwalk?

Wedding Invite

My friend Alex gave me a copy of his wedding invitation that I illustrated a few months ago. It’s always great to see your work in the form you intended it for, rather than just a file on the computer. Also, I love how the inside is all in Korean that his dad wrote. So fun!

Barneys Hat Heads

Before my excursion to the Jersey Shore, I was asked to paint 4 hat heads for the new Barneys store in Santa Monica. I decided to do some circus freaks (dog boy and tattooed man) and some more traditional tattoo inspired women, similar to the ones I did last year. As always, these were a ton of fun to paint.
Thanks Mark and Lindsay!