Monthly Archives: November 2010

It’s that time of year again….

Handsome Portraits!
Handsome Portraits!
Handsome Portraits!



My friend Tessa requested a painting of her BF’s family’s cats who have all recently passed. While the circumstances surrounding this painting are very sad, I was honored and excited to be asked to paint not 1 but 3 cats!! I took some cues from Mimi Vang Olsen and was a bit more playful with the composition, so as to show off the cat’s personalities.
Thanks Tess and Jeremiah!

Etsy Shop

I just created an Etsy shop for my animal pins-

Precious animal pins make great holiday gifts!

More Pins!

I recently made some more animal pins.
And I just got some smaller 1 inch pins in the mail so I can make more “manly” ones!

Killed Sketches

These are some sketches for a killed cover assignment. It was to be for an article about the recent upswing of gay teen bullying in schools and the effect it is having on the teens, which is so so sad.

A Few First Thoughts

I recently did a couple spot illustrations for Buddhadharma Magazine.

As always, thanks Seth!