Monthly Archives: January 2011


Here are a few spot illustrations I did to go along with the Drinks Guide cover I did recently for Willamette Week.

Once again, thanks Carolyn!


Leonard Cohen

A few weeks ago, the AD from Buddhadharma asked me to illustrate a feature article about a man’s chance encounter with Sasaki Roshi ( a very well known figure in the Buddhist community) and Leonard Cohen while on a retreat. He wanted the illo to focus on the strangeness of seeing two celebrity figures in such a common environment.
Thanks Seth!


A couple of weeks ago I was asked to illustrate a bunch of cocktails for the Willimatte Week’s Bar Guide cover. It was a lot of fun and made me wish I was sitting on a beach somewhere sipping on a drink with an umbrella in it!

Thanks Carolyn!

Book Plates

A little while ago I made some bookplates for one of my nearest and dearest friends, who was throwing a baby shower for a close friend. She emailed me some pictures of the bookplates in action. It’s so sweet to think that my drawing will be in many of this little bebe’s books!
Thanks P!


A black and white portrait commission I did this week.

Pet Pins

Along with the portraits I completed this holiday season, I also had a number of custom pet pins. These pictures aren’t great but they will have to do, since the pins are no longer in my possession.

More Portraits….

More portraits from my holiday commissions.
These were a bit larger- the first two were 11×14 and the last 16×19.