Monthly Archives: March 2011

Transistor Studio

Recently I did some work for the guys over at Transistor Studios. I am not allowed to disclose the project or the client, though the project never made it to final.
I was asked to work in a looser, quicker style which was really fun and relaxing.
Thanks Emily!



A portrait I did this past week for Buddhadharma Magazine of Rafe Martin.
Thanks Seth!

Cat Card Prints

I started printing out my greeting cards so that I could actually start giving them out in a presentable fashion…

More to come shortly.
They can also be seen here.

Double Door

A commission I recently completed of a music venue in Chicago.

Thanks Natalie!

Rabbit Necklace

New painted tiny Rabbit Necklace!

Find it here!

Angel Pin

New Red Squirrel Pin I made. Measures 2″x1.5″ (including setting).

Available here.

Another Print…

Another cat print up on my ETSY!