Monthly Archives: June 2011

Roberto Capucci

A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to see the Roberto Capucci exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the day before it closed. Capucci’s work was so inspiring. From the super detailed beadwork to the painstaking method in which they pleated the fabrics, it was a pretty amazing show. You weren’t allowed to photograph or sketch within the exhibit, but I did some quick sketches after based on what I saw. I definitely want to find more reference of his work so I can keep drawing these crazy dresses!


Big Boy’s Brewery

My dad has recently gotten into home brewing beer in a BIG way. So for Father’s Day last weekend, rather than get him a gift certificate to the brew store in town (where I’m pretty sure all the employees know him on a first name basis), I decided to make him a sign for his “brewery”. My sisters and I came up with the name, based on our oversized Welsh Corgi. The sign was really fun to paint (many thanks to my friend Ryan Crozier Piguet for building it for me!). Although there are a few things I wish I could have done differently, my dad was pretty stoked on the final product. Who knows- maybe someday Big Boy’s will be stocked somewhere other than my parent’s garage.

Journey’s Portrait

A portrait I did last week for Buddhadharma, of Jiryu Mark Rutschman-Byler.

As always, thanks Seth!

Sugar the Bully

Over the holiday weekend, I was asked to do an illustration for Seven Days Weekly. It was to accompany an article about the dangers of sugar, wheat and dairy. It was a fun little piece to do, especially since I was able to complete it while sitting on a lake front deck in the mountains. Could definitely get used to that!
Thanks Diane!