Monthly Archives: August 2011

Aurelius Battaglia

I came upon these illustrations by Aurelius Battaglia recently. Some I had seen before, others I had not. They are all soooooooooo good.

Above is on of my favorite pages

I love the more painterly texture and contrast in this guy.

The kittens who lost their mittens!!


Dumpster Diving

A piece I did this past week for 7 Days Weekly, for a first person account of dumpster diving. Yummy!
Thanks Diane!

NY Times

Last week I did an illustration for the Weekend Business section of the NY Times. The article spoke about the things to consider when people who work from home decide they want to work in a group atmosphere. One of the positive points to consider was the different people you could share a space with and how you can learn from and network with them to better your business and self. Read full article here.
Thanks Minh!