Monthly Archives: September 2011

Amy Winehouse

A piece I did a few days ago for BUST to accompany an article on the passing of Amy Winehouse. It was really sad to do reference research for images of Winehouse- so many showed her before all the crazy drug use when she looked totally regular and then after looking totally nuts. Such a bummer.

Thanks Lan.



Lunch Time!

A few weeks ago, during the throes of Irene, I did this quick little illustration for Seven Days Weekly. The article was about different Seven Days staff members and their quirky bag lunches as kids. My favorites were the peanut butter and bacon sandwich on white bread, the cow tongue sandwich and the rice balls, complete with a pink set of chopsticks.

Thanks Diane!

Google Goggles

Last week I was asked to do an illustration for the NY Times Technology section. The article was about “Google goggles” and all the different apps that are on the market these days for smart phones. The basic concept is that you can snap a picture of a famous painting, a leaf, a book, a meal, etc. and the phone will recognize it and pull up more info on the object. Kind of cool, kind of freaky!

Thanks Minh!