Monthly Archives: October 2011

Cat Beer!

This past August, two of our close friends got married. We wanted to give them something a bit more fun than a mixing bowl or a set of towels, so Cody brewed them a batch of beer. We called it Basil’s Bohemian Ale, named after their cat and the type of beer. The best part was designing the label. What’s better than a cat with dreadlocks and a rasta hat?
Congrats again Bill and Colleen!


Food Apps

This past week I did an illustration for Seven Days Weekly for an article about using smartphone apps to find restaurants.
Any time I can paid to paint hoagies, I’m happy!

Thanks Diane!


Two friends commissioned me to paint a wonderful wedding present for friends of theirs that just got married, of the newly wed’s two cats.
Too precious!

Thanks Leah and Josh!


A portrait I did this past week for Buddhadharma Magazine of Stephen Schettini.

Thanks Seth.