Monthly Archives: January 2012

These awesome cat prints are by PAM. The best part is (aside from the obvious), the blue print comes in a jumpsuit. Soo good…


Holy Dog

A little while back I was commissioned to paint a portrait in memory of a client’s dog. She had a great picture of her dog with a blanket on her head that looked like a veil from an old Byzantine portrait of the Virgin Mary. She wanted me to use this inspiration as a starting place and I kind of ran with the idea of stylizing the portrait as a traditional saintly portrait.

Thanks Laura!

Bird with Teeth

This past Christmas I decided to make my sister a pillow based on the amazing show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. At first I couldn’t decide what exactly I should illustrate. Finally it dawned on me- the bird with teeth from Charlie’s dream book! It was tough deciding between the bird, chicken denim and the worm hat…
I was able to heat press my illustration onto some canvas, which is so instantly gratifying and CJ sewed it up for me. So fun- I hope to make more soon!

Here is a portrait I did a few weeks ago for the Spring issue of Buddhadharma.

Thanks Seth!

Secular Shiva

Last week I did an illustration for the NY Times weekend “Style” section. It was for an article about how to help friends and loved ones grieve at a time when religion is not as vital to the grieving process as it once was. The author speaks about how we take old traditions (such as sitting shiva) and make them modern- remove the religion and add the take-out food ordered online.
Read the full article here.

Thanks Barbara!