Monthly Archives: May 2012

Economic Skinny Jeans

Last week I did a simple illustration for The New York Times Sunday Business section. It was for an article about how the idea of “tightening one’s belt” is not a good metaphor for getting the economy back on track. If everyone is prudent about how much money they’re spending, the growth of the economy is going to be restricted and in turn, get worse.
I really like how the final illo ended up being incorporated into the layout- gotta make the business news interesting to look at!

Thanks Minh!


Food Spots

Last week I did a few small spots for Willamette Week for a special section about the shopping list of ingredients for making pho.

(kikkoman, squid sauce, viet huong)

(pho rice stick noodles)

(bag of spice powder)

(beef eye round)

(banh ty quy dessert cakes)

Thanks Brittany!