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I did an illo for the Business section of the NY Times this past week. It was for an article about how administrative assistants take on a lot of the behind the scenes work at large companies, without the monetary … Continue reading

Potato People

This past weekend I did an illustration for Seven Days for an article about a Stanford study that was done on the nutritional difference between organic and non-organic produce. Essentially the study found that there is no nutritional difference between the two but it doesn’t take into account the impact that pesticides have ecologically and health wise. So even though these 2 potatoes look exactly the same, the non-organic version is carrying around some potentially harmful baggage.

Thanks Diane!

Shambhala Sun

Recently I did an illustration for Shambhala Sun magazine. It was for an article written by a British Jew who was wary about leading a Buddhist retreat in Germany due to the anti-German sentiment he had been exposed to for most of his life. The art director wanted to concentrate on the contrast between the 2 cultures of German and Chinese as a way to represent the conflict the author was feeling about traveling to a country he vowed to never visit. He ended up enjoying the experience and realized that he had been wrong about his preconceived notions all along.

Thanks Liza!

Running Uphill

A few weeks ago I did this illo for Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, to accompany an article about the uphill battle of Nike stock.
Coincidentally, this past weekend I completed my second 5k this past weekend.

This past weekend I did a quick illo for Willamette Week, for an article about musicians participating in the PDX Pop Now festival in Portland, Oregon. The idea was based on a traditional class portrait, with various band members representing different suplerlatives (class clown, cutest couple, etc.)
Thanks Ben!


This month’s contributor portrait for Buddhadharma. Thanks Seth!


This past weekend I did an illo for Seven Days weekly in Vermont. The story was about a place that was giving teens $100 to take a sex-ed course. Whatever works!

As always, thanks Diane!