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Wedding Cats

Recently my cousin got married and I wanted to give her something special, so I painted a portrait of her “second love”, her cat Olive.


My dad also wanted to make something special for her so he brewed the newlyweds a beer and asked me to make the label for the bottles. I had a drawing that I did a few years ago that I thought would be a perfect representation of the two. She loves cats and he rides bikes, so this cat duo bike image totally encompasses their new life as a team, as well as their individual interests. 


Congrats again Gretchen and Stephen!



Cat Plate

Lately I’ve been experimenting with painting on plates, using Porcelain paints that can fired in a home oven. Here is one of my better attempts, made for a friend who recently lost her close feline friend.
After scouring thrift stores for interesting plates for painting surfaces, I am thinking it would be fun to take a ceramics class and make my own stuff to paint on.

RIP Basil

A portrait I did this past week of a contributor for Buddhadharma.

Some things that happened in the past few weeks:

RIP Whitney

Target Practice

Richard III at BAM


Been watching too much “Sons of Anarchy”…

Jax definitely has a sensitive side- he probably thinks about napping kittens between killing dudes and blowing up meth labs.

Holy Dog

A little while back I was commissioned to paint a portrait in memory of a client’s dog. She had a great picture of her dog with a blanket on her head that looked like a veil from an old Byzantine portrait of the Virgin Mary. She wanted me to use this inspiration as a starting place and I kind of ran with the idea of stylizing the portrait as a traditional saintly portrait.

Thanks Laura!

More Christmas Dogs…

Another dog portrait commission for Christmas.

Thanks Becca!