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A quick little spooky print I made for HAAALLLLOOOWWEEENNNNN



This past month I took a weaving class at the Brooklyn Textiles Arts Center. It was soooo fun. Below are some crappy pictures of my final product.

It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but it ended up being about 7 in. wide by 6 feet long.

These awesome cat prints are by PAM. The best part is (aside from the obvious), the blue print comes in a jumpsuit. Soo good…

Bird with Teeth

This past Christmas I decided to make my sister a pillow based on the amazing show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. At first I couldn’t decide what exactly I should illustrate. Finally it dawned on me- the bird with teeth from Charlie’s dream book! It was tough deciding between the bird, chicken denim and the worm hat…
I was able to heat press my illustration onto some canvas, which is so instantly gratifying and CJ sewed it up for me. So fun- I hope to make more soon!

More Fashion…..

A few more quick sketches from Fashion Week 2011..


Inspired by the recent Fashion Week in NYC, I did some very quick sketches of some of the new looks. Although they turned out a little freaky, they are so much fun to draw!

Tweeny Textiles

This week I worked on some Betsey Johnson-esqe textile designs. They were fun and easy to make, though they are definitely for the younger, more pop cultural-obsessed market.