Monthly Archives: May 2010

Vogue Shoot

From an old Vogue spread.
Tried a new technique with this one using a dip pen, which I haven’t used in a long time. It was nice to use since it’s kind of a mix between a brush and a regular pen and you can play around with the line quality.


Urban Golfing

Did this illustration this past weekend for Willamette Week, for a article on urban golfing.
Thanks Ben!


Yves Saint Laurent (I love the corn on the cob girl)


Not sure who the artist is of these old illos but probably isn’t too hard to find out. I love the quality of the lines of these, and the simplicity and expression that comes through with each mark.
Totes cool!

Mother’s Day

Indianapolis Monthly

A piece I did this week for Indianapolis Monthly, for their special summer issue. Doing this certainly got me excited for summer and chillaxing by a large body of water (aka the Jersey Shore).

Thanks Hector!


A portrait I did last week for a client, based on my Lindsay Lohan portrait. It was a gift for his wife, who apparently enjoys a martini or two.