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Barneys Santa Monica

The other day I received a very nice email from Sophie Lee out in Santa Monica, CA. She had been shopping at the new Barneys store there, saw my hat heads displayed and was kind enough to take some pictures and send them to me. It’s always great to see the heads in action!
Thanks Sophie!


Barneys Hat Heads

Before my excursion to the Jersey Shore, I was asked to paint 4 hat heads for the new Barneys store in Santa Monica. I decided to do some circus freaks (dog boy and tattooed man) and some more traditional tattoo inspired women, similar to the ones I did last year. As always, these were a ton of fun to paint.
Thanks Mark and Lindsay!

Barneys X-Mas Windows!

Here are the Saturday Night Live “ornaments” I painted this past holiday season for the Barneys’ X-Mas windows. This project was so much fun and painting large, 3-D pieces really helped me get outside my comfort zone.
These were built by my good friends and fellow freelancers Colleen Rochette and Alison Corrie. Thanks to these ladies for bringing me in on the project!
(All measurements are width x height)

“Coffee Talk with Linda Richman” (Mike Myers)
2.3′ x 5′

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X-Mas Windows

Here are some photos of the Barneys SNL X-Mas windows that I worked on. I will eventually put up the ornaments that I painted individually, but for now here they are all together.
My fellow freelancers and friends Alison Corrie and Colleen Rochette built all the head/ornaments out of bubble wrap, masking tape and paper mache. I then got to paint a good portion of the characters, which was really fun. It was especially exciting in the end to see them all hung together in the finished window.

Photos courtesy of Rick Barros.

Debbie Downer!

So for the past 2 months I have been working on the Barneys Christmas windows. The theme this year was “Saturday Night Live” celebrating it’s 35th anniversary. I was given the supremely fun task of painting 12 giant SNL character “ornaments”. I don’t have all the photos yet to post but I was online today and saw a photo from last night’s unveiling party that many of the current stars attended. I was very excited when I saw one of my favorite SNLers, Rachel Dratch, posing in front of the Debbie Downer ornament I painted!

Debbie Downer was built by my good friend Colleen!

Martha Stewart

We found out the other day that recently Martha Stewart used the freaky animal window that Colleen and I worked on a while ago as “inspiration” on her show. Colleen and I created the facial features for the creatures and worked with the in-store display team to create the little monsters.
Here’s a picture of the window-

And a link to the Martha Stewart Video

Legs in Action

A couple pictures of my leg drawings in the hosiery display at the Barneys on Madison Ave.