Monthly Archives: August 2012

Wedding Cats

Recently my cousin got married and I wanted to give her something special, so I painted a portrait of her “second love”, her cat Olive.


My dad also wanted to make something special for her so he brewed the newlyweds a beer and asked me to make the label for the bottles. I had a drawing that I did a few years ago that I thought would be a perfect representation of the two. She loves cats and he rides bikes, so this cat duo bike image totally encompasses their new life as a team, as well as their individual interests. 


Congrats again Gretchen and Stephen!



Shambhala Sun

Recently I did an illustration for Shambhala Sun magazine. It was for an article written by a British Jew who was wary about leading a Buddhist retreat in Germany due to the anti-German sentiment he had been exposed to for most of his life. The art director wanted to concentrate on the contrast between the 2 cultures of German and Chinese as a way to represent the conflict the author was feeling about traveling to a country he vowed to never visit. He ended up enjoying the experience and realized that he had been wrong about his preconceived notions all along.

Thanks Liza!

Running Uphill

A few weeks ago I did this illo for Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, to accompany an article about the uphill battle of Nike stock.
Coincidentally, this past weekend I completed my second 5k this past weekend.

French Life Vacation

A French lifestyle website contacted me about using a painting (with permission) I had done 4 years ago, for the “Vacation” section on their site. I had kind of forgotten about this piece until they emailed me- it’s kind of fun to reminded of old work that you still actually like!