Monthly Archives: May 2009

Prop 8

An illustration on the recent upholding of Prop 8 in CA. I read that one of the judges supporting the revision said that the only real difference between civil unions and marriage is being able to say you are married. An opponent to Prop 8 retorted with the idea that blacks should not have cared about having to sit in the back of the bus, as long as they arrived to their destination at the same time as the front. So in this illustration I tried to show the similarities of how gays in CA are being treated today to the treatment of blacks during the 1960s, when they were fighting for their rights to be viewed as equal citizens.



Susan Boucher

A portrait for the kind people over at Buddharma Magazine. Thanks Seth!

Cat Bike

I did this as a submission for Beautiful/Decay magazine, based on the theme “underdog”.


Life Drawing

Yesterday I went to Spring St. Studio in Soho for a life drawing session. It’s hard to believe after freshman year, where we had to do 6 straight hours of life drawing each week, that I would actually choose to do this. But I guess it’s like anything where if you’re not forced to do it, it can actually be enjoyable.




American Illustration

I just found out that a piece I submitted to American Illustration was selected for the next annual!
Here it is…


For my series on camp. All figures are collaged paper, gouache and acrylic. They will be hung on the wall at the cafe where I will be showing the series. I’m excited to see how it will end up looking all together in a more natural setting, rather than just cut out and put together in Photoshop.



Urban Tssss

My husband Cody commissioned me to come up with some images for Urban Outfitters t-shirts. The theme was “art” and basically I could do anything based on that. Cody gave me some direction as to who the typical artsy Urban male shopper is and we went from there.
Here is 1 of the submissions.
Based on this:
Not sure where it comes from, I just remember it from elementary school and thought it might be good for an “artsy” shirt. It’s kind of corny but whatevs, it’s funny.

Lots of fun. Thanks C-dog!