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A quick little spooky print I made for HAAALLLLOOOWWEEENNNNN


Lake George

A painting I did for a family friend that recently got married. She grew up on Lake George, so I painted a scene of her front “yard”. So nice!
It was good practice for one day when I’m retired living in Cape Cod painting seascapes and cats!


For an upcoming project…

French Life Vacation

A French lifestyle website contacted me about using a painting (with permission) I had done 4 years ago, for the “Vacation” section on their site. I had kind of forgotten about this piece until they emailed me- it’s kind of fun to reminded of old work that you still actually like!

Beach Baby

Beach sketching

Cat Plate

Lately I’ve been experimenting with painting on plates, using Porcelain paints that can fired in a home oven. Here is one of my better attempts, made for a friend who recently lost her close feline friend.
After scouring thrift stores for interesting plates for painting surfaces, I am thinking it would be fun to take a ceramics class and make my own stuff to paint on.

RIP Basil


This past month I took a weaving class at the Brooklyn Textiles Arts Center. It was soooo fun. Below are some crappy pictures of my final product.

It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but it ended up being about 7 in. wide by 6 feet long.