Monthly Archives: July 2010

Tweeny Textiles

This week I worked on some Betsey Johnson-esqe textile designs. They were fun and easy to make, though they are definitely for the younger, more pop cultural-obsessed market.



A new textile design I made last week, for a pitch to H&M. It was based on a traditional Indian chintz design.

Beer Time!

I did a quick illo this past weekend for Willamette Week, for a piece on a beer tasting. The various elements- the gingerbread man, floating jolly ranchers, crazy fake nails, were used as specific descriptions for the different beers.
Thanks Christine!

Mercury Werkery

I did a piece this past weekend for the Portland Mercury. It was for an article about how a military base in the area is providing programs for at risk youth. They claim it is not a recruiting tool but to most outsiders, it certainly seems that way.
Thanks Justin!

ps. I left the chalkboard blank for the title


This week I started freelancing/interning at a textile studio in Bushwick, which has been really fun. Here are a few things I’ve made so far. (My theme was flowers, BTW).